Fun stuff

Guinea Pigs in a row, isolated on white

Okay, so you’ve thought of a few things to keep the pets entertained, so here are some distractions for you.  Download them and print them out, or ask someone to help you, they’ll need PDF reader to open them.  Enjoy !


There are lots of different types of rabbits.  Check out this word-search by clicking the link below and see how many names you recognise, then pick them out of the letter grid.


Colouring Page

See how well you can colour in these healthy snacks.


How about these breeds of dogs, colour them in and see if you can fine their names


Its a Maze !

Can you help the Squirrel find her nuts


Learn the Lingo

Learning another language?  Print out a poster and talk pets.

BorisAndGloria French

BorisAndGloria German

BorisAndGloria Spanish

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