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Rabbit Food

Boris and Gloria Rabbit nuggets.

This is a single complete food provided as nuggets to prevent selective feeding.  This product is made in England with a complete range of vitamins and minerals to support health and vitality of your rabbit and added herbs for tastiness.

Boris and Gloria Rabbit Nuggets
Boris and Gloria Rabbit Nuggets

Feeding guide

As with all dry rabbit food, fresh hay and water must be provided at all times.

Breed			Ideal Weight (kg)		Amount (g)
English			   2.5 - 3.5			 65 - 85
Dutch			   2.2 - 3.0			 50 - 60
Netherland Dwarf	   0.9 - 1.1			 25 - 30

£4.50 for 2.5 kg 
£16.00 for 10 kgBoris and Gloria Rabbit nuggets
Boris and Gloria Small Animal Fruity Mix
Boris and Gloria Small Animal Fruity Mix

Small Animal Fruity Mix

A tasty treat or reward for rabbits and small rodents, a mixture of shaped coloured nuggets containing vitamins and minerals to feed occasionally alongside main diet.

£0.85 for 100g pack
£6.00 for 800g pack


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